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14 September 2012 @ 11:06 pm
嵐 and NEWS Anniversary ^^  
Finally it's 12 o'clock on Japan ^^
It's count 15th September on Japan. I thinkk every fangirl would celebrate it and being happy.
Because this mean Arashi anniversary~~
Yaaayy~~ \^o^/

I'm so happy. This their 13th years anniversary. Wow,, it's really long~~
Hope their career will go well and they become more succes xD
And bring smile to every fangirl xD
I'm proud being Arashi fans. Thank you for coming to my life~~ #5x13

And today is NEWS anniversary too~~
My second fav boyband ^^
I know them first than Arashi *but fall in love with Arashi*
First they have 9 member than 6 member and the last is 4 member. I hope this will the last for them :(
I'm still support you guys :)
NEWS edited

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