Perfume Time Warp Single

Almost one month I waiting it and finally yesterday my Perfume single is arrived. I'm so happy (≧▽≦)

This single edition is include bonus cassette and I didn't expect I will get a clearfile bonus too.

The case is really cute too.

Now,, I just waiting for my dvd 5x20 (^ム^)

Kanjani8 47 Tour T-shirt

Finally,, my eito t-shirt arrived. I saw it when they used on Johnnys World Happy Live and I already liked it.
It's the first time I bought Kanjani8 t-shirt and the t-shirt is really big.
I will wears it tomorrow while watching Johnnys Dream Island ❤(ӦvӦ。)

What A Day !!

I'm just getting excited today. Why? Because Arashi officially have youtube account and spotify. Can you imagine it??!! Σ(゚Д゚)

After 20 years debut, they're finally have social media account. I can watch their PV everytime and everywhere. Although the spotify is only at Japan, but still I get excited about it. I've been their fans over 10 years and can't believe this day will come too.

When I read it,, I can't focus with my work. I just want to go home already.

They're really know how to make their fans happy. I really love them. Thank you so much for all of this (≧▽≦)

Shocking News (T__T)

Today is really shocking news for me. I never though this day will come to me.
I always prepare myself and talk to myself that I will be strong when this news come. But I know that I'm not strong to hear this news.
Arashi will gonna hiatus after Dec 2020 (T___T)
It's really shocking me. My fandom,, my life. When I hear about this news,, I cried so hard. I can't believe it (T___T)
I never once to watch their concert and they're gonna hiatus. It's already 10th years I become their fangirl. Really really shocking me~~

I will always support their decision. I know they want a normal life too,, must be tiring to do the same thing until 20th years. They never disappointed me until now because I always feel proud to become their fans.

For Ohno-san,, I will support your decision. Maybe this is the best for you :')

Arashi is not Arashi if not 5 members. So, I will always support you guys :')

Thank you for this 10th years in my life :')

Dreams Come True ^o^

Today is 15th September and it's Arashi anniversary ^^
It's already 8th years I become fans of them and until now I still like them. How I wish I can watch their live concert. It's my dream even though I know it's so hard.

Telling about dream,, one of my dream become true. Last month I went to Japan. Yatta,, finally I can go to Japan ^o^/~~

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Here some photos when I go to Japan :

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Also,, not forget to become a fangirl :

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One Week to Go >///<'

So, it's been a long time I post here. Busy with real life and can't update with fandom every day. After a long day work,, arrived at home just wanna go to sleep :'(

But,, today I wanna share good news. I'm gonna go to Japan,, yeaahhh xD
Next week will flight to Japan. My dream become true,, I'm so happy and also excited. Go to Arashi's place hehehe \^^/

I'm so excited and can't wait for next week. I will go with my friend. It's a long holiday~~

I'm ready go to Japan~~ ^o^

My Perfume Album Cosmic Explorer

Finally,, my Perfume album Cosmic Explorer come ^^
It's already two days ago but don't have time to post so now I'm gonna post it.
It's Indonesian version. I'm so happy,, it's my second album of Perfume I have. The first one I got LEVEL 3 ^^
And also I got the bonus too,, I got the poster yay!!! \^^/

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Fandom really can make my day brighter ^^